Extending the Time Series Bag-of-Features (TSBF) for multivariate time series classification

During our revision for our SMTS paper, we have extended TSBF to multivariate time series classification (MTSBF) for comparison purposes. Codes are available here.

MTSBF performs better than SMTS for some datasets where SMTS outperforms MTSBF significantly for the others. This is due to the problem characteristics. When the relationships between the attributes are important in the definition of a class, SMTS performs better in general with a representation that is quite simple conceptually and operationally.

This archive (*.zip file) stores the required R files, compiled files (*.so file for linux based systems) and source codes (in C language).  If you want to run this on Windows, you need to compile c files using command "R CMD SHLIB /pathname" to generate a *.dll (dynamic library). You will need to modify the file named  'multivariateTSBF_functions.r' accordingly. This file does not check the operating system and looks for "*.so" file in its current form.

We also have a sample dataset (ECG dataset from http://www.cs.cmu.edu/~bobski/). MTSBF uses the same file structure as SMTS.

Let me know if you have any questions. 

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