Multivariate time series similarity with LPS

Our recent submission to Data Mining and Knowledge Discovery (DAMI) is related to learning time series representation and similarity. Learned pattern similarity (LPS) is implemented as R package for univariate time series but LPS is capable of generating a representation and computing similarity for multivariate time series, too. Hence, we also provided a Matlab implementation which also works for multivariate time series. The matlab implementation is available in Files section (here is the direct link: As an example dataset, we provide the files for uWaveGesture library in this link. A single three-axis accelerometer is used to collect data from eight users to characterize eight gesture patterns by Liu et al., 2009. The library, uWaveGestureLibrary, consists over 4000 samples each of which has the accelerometer readings in three dimensions (i.e. x, y and z).

A sample run for this dataset is (Windows 7, Matlab R2013a, i74600U @ 2.1 Ghz CPU, 8GB RAM):


J. Liu, Z. Wang, L. Zhong, J. Wickramasuriya, and V. Vasudevan. uWave: Accelerometer-based personalized gesture recognition and its applications. Pervasive Computing and Communications, IEEE International Conference on, 0:1{9, 2009.

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